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Terms and conditions - Please read carefully.

* Our lessons / venue's and summer camps require all participants to acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions.

* Swiig sports T/A Sportzcise provide multi-sport enrichment programs to students aged 2 yrs above in Early childhood centre's / primary / secondary schools and venues in United Arab Emirates.

* No warranty / Guarantee will be given on any uniform, bag and water-bottle if used for the first time or abused inappropriately.

* All enrichment programs are on a roll over system from term to term.

* Participants have the right to withdraw from any programs offered by Swiig Sports / Sportzcise with a terms notice (90 days). No refund will be given on balance of term fees.

* Swiig Sports / Sportzcise, management and staff cannot accept or be held responsible for injuries / accidents that may occur while participating in any activities at the venue / school premises. High levels of safety are taken to ensure all participants are looked after.

* Delivery of registration packs will be sent directly to the school and signed off by relevant authority and Swiig Sports / Sportzcise cannot be held responsible for these items once delivered.

*All fees are paid on an upfront termly basis before first lesson of each term.

*Annual Registration fee will be a once off charge.

* No refunds will be given due to illness, sickness, early vacation or leaving school early for outside appointments.

* Admin fee of AED75 will be charged for each activity if refund is approved by management.

* No refunds on registration fees and used uniforms.

* Payment can be made via cash or bank transfers.

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