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Tumble Tots offers  tumbling classes that work on gymnastic skills with both floor and equipment work that helps build muscles with a focus on motor skill building and repetition.


Our colorful foam equipment helps improve agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination whilst helping with self-confidence and developing a positive attitude towards physical activity

This is a progressive program that each child will evolve at thier own speed and individual ability. Each 30 minute Tumble Tots session has been carefully designed and structured to enhance a child’s physical development skills alongside their social and cognitive development.

We use a variety of equipment for these classes which include flat mats, low-beams, kart-wheel mats, fitness balls for forward and backward beginner rolls with progression as well as ladders and hula hoops. Taking part in an activity such as Tumble Tots improves a child’s brain development by enhancing both fine and gross motor skills.